The governor of the Distrito Federal, Mr. Ibaneis Rocha decided to allow the return of the collective activities of cinema, theater, in addition to the use of swimming pools in recreational clubs. The decree was  published in the Official Gazette of the Distrito Federal (DODF) on Thursday (September 3rd).

The document also changes previous decrees dealing with other previously opened locations. In the case of parks, other areas of collective activities are open, except for places with weight training equipment. The working hours remains only between 6 am and 9 pm, with attention to the protocols and general security measures provided for in Decree nº 40.939 / 2020.

In churches, temples and religious places, the item that determines the alternating of “on location” religious activities with intervals of at least two hours between them has been revoked. In gyms, drinking fountains, group classes and the use of showers are free. However, the mandatory use of protection of masks was extended to employees and collaborators, in addition to students and teachers.

The decree also establishes the restriction on the number of visitors to the circulation areas and the maximum occupancy of one person for every four square meters of the available training area. The document includes the recommendation that there should be no physical contact between gym-goers and employees.

The safety rules that must be followed by the cinemas and theaters are:

  • Availability of hand and footwear hygiene products at the entrance, preferably 70% hand sanitizer;
  • Establishment of a row of unoccupied chairs between rows of occupied chairs;
  • Ticket sales must be done exclusively online;
  • Organization of the flow of people in the corridors and in the entrances and exits of the rooms in an orderly manner, ensuring the safest distance between customers;
  • Organization of physical spaces ensuring the safest distance between spectators and groups of spectators, limited to six people per group;
  • Prohibition of entry and permanence of people who are not wearing a face protection mask;
  • Constant cleaning of air conditioning units in the rooms;
  • Chair hygiene between sessions;
  • Sanitization of menus after handling by the customers (the menus must be covered with material that allows sanitization, or displayed on whiteboards or provide access via QR Code on the cell phone);
  • Posting, in a visible and easily accessible place, a sign with information on the total capacity of the establishment, square footage and maximum number of visitors allowed.

See the guidelines for the opening of pools:

  • Operation exclusively for sporting practices;
  • Only open-air swimming pools are allowed to open;
  • Training with only one athlete per lane, respecting the minimum distance of 2.5 meters between each athlete;
  • Athletes must occupy the lanes and edges in an interspersed manner, respecting the mandatory minimum distance;
  • Limitation of up to two coaches to monitor training, one on each edge (main and opposite);
  • No sharing of material;
  • When using changing rooms and bathrooms, it must be limited to a maximum of two people at a time;
  • Athletes may be accompanied by their guardians if there are any;
  • If there is a need to use training shifts to accommodate the team, an interval of at least fifteen minutes should be adopted between the groups, so that the areas of common use are disinfected and to avoid crowding at the training site;
  • Cleaning and proper treatment of swimming pools;
  • Cleaning and disinfection of bathrooms and changing rooms with interruption of activities at least twice a day, for at least 30 minutes, for general washing.

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