The company MUNDIAL RESIDENCE – International and National Removal and Relocation Company promoted on May 6 a friendly football game against the team SÍRIOS, made up of members of the Syrian community in Brasilia. The lively game was played at the Centro de Tradições Gaúchas – CTG (Gaucho Traditions Center – CTG, located in the Southern Club Sector) and was supported by THE GUIDE.


Known as Futebol Society (Society Football) in Brazil, the game uses less players than in a traditional soccer team (10 players on the line and a goalkeeper). It was established that the teams would have six players on the line and one as goalkeeper. The start of the game was scheduled for 7 pm and the players arrived in a mood of great joy. For Mr. José Santos, International Coordinator of the MUNDIAL RESIDENCE – International and National Removal and Relocation Company, the goal of the game would be fun and fraternization. “This is the first time we will play with a more coordinated team. We don’t know the style of play of our opponent. I risk a 5 × 5 score with penalty shootout. The game is worth trophy!”(laughs) He stated.

Mr. José Santos, International Coordinator of the MUNDIAL RESIDENCE – International and National Removal and Relocation Company

Players prepare for the game that has given trophies to the participating teams.


For striker Wissan Arbash, from the team SÍRIOS, his team would be victorious with the 8 × 4 score. He said this would be the first performance of his team, formed for that game. He said they were there to have fun and was quieter to learn that the MUNDIAL RESIDENCE team had also been newly formed for that challenge. Mr. Houssan Fayad, the team’s captain, said that the important thing in the game was the fraternization and that he expects this sports initiative to take place other times, bringing more people to the group.


SÍRIOS Team. Striker Wissan Arbash is the first left standing up and Captain Houssan Fayad is lowered on the left.

The captain of the MUNDIAL RESIDENCE team, Mr. Allan Costa Ferreira, also stressed that the important thing about the game was to have fun and build friendship. When asked if he was not afraid of playing against an Arab team (with a reputation for being good players), he said no because “as much as the Arab countries are buying great world players, it is Brazil that supplies them” (laughs).

Captain of the MUNDIAL RESIDENCE team, Mr. Allan Costa Ferreira.

The two teams got together and went to warm up and take photos. It was established that the game would be with two halves of 30 minutes, with a technical stop for hydration.

After the celebration, the game began and in the first few minutes the MUNDIAL RESIDENCE team showed coordination and effort by making several dangerous attacks. This soon resulted in the team’s first goal, less than 5 minutes into the game.

The SÍRIOS team tried to react, but two minutes later they conceded another goal. The game seemed like it would be easy for the MUNDIAL RESIDENCE team, but that wasn’t what happened. In the 8th minute, striker Wissan led a strong counterattack by SÍRIOS team and scored his first goal with an undefendable shot (2-1).

The MUNDIAL RESIDENCE team did not take the hit and two minutes later striker Anderson Barbosa Araujo, known as Black, risked a shot almost from the middle of the field and the SÍRIOS goalkeeper accepted it (3-1). The game was balanced after 15 minutes, with both teams attacking and having chances to score. The SÍRIOS team managed to make a strong attack and only didn’t score because the MUNDIAL RESIDENCE goalkeeper made a good defense, at the limit. The game was stopped after 22 minutes and the players were able to rest for a while.

The SÍRIOS team did not take a reserve player and this wore the team down a little more. To balance the game, the MUNDIAL RESIDENCE team gave one of its players, Mr. Francisco Vieira, to be a substitute for the SÍRIOS team, an act that established the friendship between the two teams. The game was resumed and the SÍRIOS team, now rested, scored its second goal in the game (3-2). With one minute remaining in the first half, player Tiago, from MUNDIAL RESIDENCE, scored and extended the score to 4-2. The SÍRIOS team also tried to react by taking two corner kicks but the score remained at the end of the first half.

The player Francisco Vieira was loaned by the MUNDIAL RESIDENCE team to play for the SÍRIOS team.

Striker Wissan Arbash, from SÍRIOS, was asked if he believed in a reaction in the second half, he replied yes, that a draw was possible but victory unlikely as his team was newly formed and lacked a bit of chemistry. He said that the objective at that moment was to seek a draw. The teams changed sides on the field and the second half began.

The SÍRIOS team returned to the game determined to draw and made several attacks and counterattacks, almost always intercepted by defender José Santos and the MUNDIAL RESIDENCE’s goalkeeper’s good defenses. Despite their efforts, SÍRIOS‘ attack continued and finally in the 11th minute of the second half they managed to score their third goal (4-3). The goal acted as a shot in the arm for the SÍRIOS team, who believed in the draw and did everything the same on the scoreboard after a beautiful shot from striker Wissan (4×4!). Would it be a warning of the imminent defeat of the MUNDIAL RESIDENCE team?

The game became balanced again and the MUNDIAL RESIDENCE team adopted a tactic of heavily marking the opponent team’s ball out. The strategy worked and, despite the risk of taking some counterattacks, it managed to recover the ball and then the player Anderson, from outside the area, made a beautiful shot and scored his team’s fifth goal (5-4)!

SYRIOS team reacted and attacked more times. Fatigue was already appearing in some players when striker Wissan scored another goal after a strong shot from outside the area (5×5). It seemed that Mr. José Santos’ prediction, before the game, would come true with a final on penalties. But it didn’t happen! SÍRIOS had a goal disallowed and while still complaining they saw striker Allan, from MUNDIAL RESIDENCE, make a beautiful move of perseverance and strength and put his team back in the lead of the game (6×5!). Two minutes later, William increased the score to 7×5, at that point the game organizers considered a SÍRIOS‘ goal (previously disallowed) and changed the score to 7×6.

Player recovers after a lot of running.

The MUNDIAL RESIDENCE team was ready to win its first trophy and defended itself against several attacks from SÍRIOS team. In an organized attack, it allowed Anderson Araujo to reach the opponent’s goal, who did not hesitate and left another goal on the scoreboard (8-6). The SÍRIOS team continued to believe in the reaction and it came: Another goal from Wissan (8×7!). The game was exciting!

The game took on the feel of a championship final with both teams tired but persistent. There were dangerous attacks on both sides and the defenders and goalkeepers had to work hard to avoid conceding goals. Already in extra time, the MUNDIAL RESIDENCE team showed resistance and coordination and in a precise attack, increased the score to 9×7 (goal again from striker Anderson), with no time for SÍRIOS team to react. The game was coming to an end.

Players from both teams congratulated each other on a beautiful match that demonstrated technique, unity, perseverance and, above all, fair play (the game had less than 5 fouls).

THE GUIDE asked the MUNDIAL RESIDENCE striker, Mr. Anderson Araujo (nickname Black), what he thought of the game and if he thought at any point that they could lose. He said the game was difficult and the opponent played well. He said there was a moment when he felt butterflies in his stomach when he saw SÍRIOS team draw the match, but confidence came first and his team didn’t stop chasing victory.

Mr. Anderson Araújo (Nickname Black) scored many goals and praised the opponent’s technical level, demonstrating the spirit of fraternization of the event.

For the striker and one of the game’s top scorers, Mr. Wissan Arbash, from SÍRIOS, the game was difficult and two factors contributed to the game’s result: the lack of interaction between his newly formed team and the lack of a reserve player in the first time, which increased the fatigue of his team. Asked if they would like a rematch, his response echoed the other players on his team: Yes! The players from both teams showed friendship in the celebration that took place after the game, when they went to the center of the field and the captain of each team handed the trophy to the opposing team.

Captain of the MUNDIAL RESIDENCE team, Mr. Allan Costa Ferreira, presents the trophy to the SÍRIOS team, which played with quality and strength.

Captain of the SÍRIOS team, Mr. Houssan Fayad, presents the championship trophy to the MUNDIAL RESIDENCE team.

THE GUIDE asked Mr. José Santos, defender and International Coordinator of MUNDIAL RESIDENCE – International and National Removal and Relocation Company, about what he thought of the game. He responded that he found the game very good and a good opportunity for socializing and that he sees in these actions the possibility of making friends with members of the diplomatic corps community. We asked if he would agree to play with embassy teams, he said  “Yes, of course!”

Mr. José Santos, defender and International Coordinator of MUNDIAL RESIDENCE – International and National Removal and Relocation Company, was pleased with the celebration and his team’s victory!


THE GUIDE congratulates the MUNDIAL RESIDENCE and SÍRIOS teams for the great football match and congratulates the company MUNDIAL RESIDENCE – International and National Removal and Relocation Company for the beautiful fraternization initiative!

The Director of THE GUIDE, Mr. Pedro Paulo Moreira, watched the game and congratulated the teams.


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