The exhibition “Cenas Candangas” by the journalist Daniel Zukko, will be on display until April 30, open to the public all day long and with free admission, at Brasília International Airport.

The Brazilian artist Daniel Zukko found a funny way to show the world a little of Brasilia and its people. In honor of the anniversary of the capital, celebrated on 21 April, he gathered about 16 illustrations and texts for the exhibition.

In comics, Mr. Zukko explains what are “tesourinhas”, “baú”, “zebrinha”, “bloco”, “quadra”, and several other expressions that are part of the vocabulary of those who live in Brasília.

The idea is to show more of Brasilia to those who are arriving in the city by the Airport, dismitifying that in Brasília there is only politics, showing that it is a fun place, full of joy and with its traditions.

Venue: Central Hall of Brasília Airport
Where: Aeroporto Internacional de Brasilia, Lago Sul
When: Until April 30, all day long
Price: Free admission
Rating: Free