On April 28, 2022, the Embassy of Spain promoted the delivery of the “A ESPANHA RECONHECE” (SPAIN RECOGNIZES) award for rural women. 

The Ambassador of Spain to Brazil, Fernando García Casas, welcomed dozens of guests who attended the event, including foreign diplomats, Brazilian government officials, businessmen, journalists, representatives of the Spanish companies who were sponsoring the Awards, as well as the leaders of the participating women’s groups and award winners. 

Ambassador of Spain, Mr. Fernando García Casas (Right), and CEO of THE GUIDE Business Consultancy, Mr. Pedro Paulo Moreira.

Ambassadors and diplomatas from many countries were at the event.

Journalists members of the Associação Brasileira dos Jornalistas e Comunicadores da Área Internacional e Diplomática – ABRAJINTER (Brazilian Association of Journalists and Communicators in the International and Diplomatic Area) were at the event.


The guests were received in the social halls of the Embassy of Spain. Several attractions were set up in the spaces, such as the exhibition of diverse products and artists promoting the creation of works of art. 

The award is an initiative of the Embassy of Spain, through the Office of Agriculture, together with FAO, UN-Women and IICA, which aims to make visible the most relevant experiences presented by rural women in Brazil (farmers, fisherwomen, beekeepers and extractivists) collectively in their communities. The Award is sponsored by the Spanish companies Acciona, Indra, Mapfre, Josep Llorens and CMR Fruits and has the support of the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply and institutions such as OEI, Asbraer and the National Department of SESC, IFAD and Rural Commerce. 

After the arrival of the guests, the event began.

The ambassador of Spain, Mr. Fernando García Casas, welcomed everyone and highlighted the importance of the award for valuing the initiatives of rural women in the creation of products and services, them being the generators of sustainable rural development.

Communications and Press Counsellor at the Embassy of Spain, Ms. Carmen Batres Rodriguez.


The main focus of the award is to value the important contribution of rural women’s initiatives in production and services to strengthen local food systems, generate income, preserve biodiversity, fight climate change and promote sustainable rural development. 

The Evaluation Committee of the 482 proposals received was made up of the following institutions: Embassy of Spain, IICA, FAO, UN Women, IFAD, OEI, GIZ, OCB, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Economy, International Women’s Coffee Alliance, Unicafes, Asbraer, São Paulo City Hall, Rural Commerce and SESC. 

Everyone watched a video about the importance of the work of rural women in Brazil.


After the analysis of the projects received, carried out in the months of February and March, 10 finalist and 3 winning proposals remained. The first three winning projects received cash prizes of R$20,000, R$10,000 and R$5,000, respectively, in addition to technical assistance from Asbraer, Rural Commerce, a distance education course on the empowerment of rural women, a notebook, a year of use of the rural e-commerce platform, technical publications and a Certificate of International Recognition. The awards started from the third place and moved everyone by the beauty of the projects presented through videos. The awards were presented by representatives of the institutions involved in the organization: Anastasia Divinskaya from UN-Women, Gabriel Delgado from IICA and Gustavo Chianca from FAO, in addition to the ambassador of Spain. 

Third place: Project in the Brazilian state of Mato Grosso do Sul on the production, processing and sale of sustainable vegetables by low-income families.

Second Place: Project in the state of Minas Gerais for the production of pulp from native fruits for the manufacture of artisanal popsicles, sweets and cookies, through sustainable extraction.

The Ambassador of Spain, Mr. Fernando Garcia Casas handed over the first prize and posed for photos with all the winners. 

First Place: Project in the state of Alagoas to reuse crab residues for the production of organic fertilizer.

Afterwards, the representatives of the winning projects gave exciting interviews about the challenges and the importance and greatness of their work. 

After the interviews ended, the ambassador of Spain, Fernando Garcia Casas, closed the award ceremony and invited everyone to a closing cocktail, served in the social lounges of the embassy. Everyone fraternized in an atmosphere of joy and friendship. 

From right: Minister Vice chief of Mission of the Embassy of Mexico, Mr. Luis Ángel Dominguez Brito, President of Associação Brasileira dos Jornalistas e Comunicadores da Área Internacional e Diplomática – ABRAJINTER. Ms. Fabiana Ceyhan, First Secretary at the Embassy of Dominican Republic, Ms. Orly Liselotte Burgos Castillo and Mr. Julio Burgos.

Ambassador of Spain, Mr. Fernando Garcia Casas and Journalist Isabel Ferreira de Almeida

THE GUIDE congratulates the Embassy of Spain on the creation of the “A Espanha Reconhece” award, of enormous importance for the sustainable development of rural communities in Brazil, as well as congratulates all rural women in Brazil, who have carried out important and exemplary projects of creativity, overcoming and progress. 

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