The Ambassador of India, Mr. Suresh Reddy and Ambassadress Sneha Reddy received guests at theEmbassy of India on the evening of January 19 to celebrate World Hindi Day, as well as screening the film “Ecos do Silêncio” (Echoes of Silence), a co-production of India and Brazil.


Among the guests there were diplomats, military attachés, business people, journalists and members of the Indian community in Brasília.

The Ambassador of India, Mr. Suresh Reddy, welcomed everyone and highlighted the growth of the Hindi language in the world.

Ambassador of India, Mr. Suresh Reddy


A video was shown about World Hindi Day and the growth of the language studies in many countries. Brazilians present at the event also spoke about the importance of knowing the most spoken language in India. The director of the film “Echoes of Silence” , Mr. André Luis Oliveira, was also at the event and spoke to everyone about his film and the importance of his work in highlighting the drama of the autism spectrum.

Movie Director André Luis Oliveira explained about his movie.

Then, everyone watched the film, which had a large part of its filming in India and which presented characteristics of the country’s culture and religion. The film received applause from the audience.

The Ambassador of India, Mr. Suresh Reddy and Ambassadress Sneha Reddy invited everyone to enjoy a dinner with typical foods from that beautiful country.

Guests enjoyed typical cuisine from India!

THE GUIDE congratulates the Embassy of India on World Hindi Day!

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