On 5 November 2021, the Embassy of India celebrated the 75th Diwali Festival. The event happened at the ambassador’s residence, which was beautifully decorated for the ocassion with special illumination and colors. The guests fraternized under a joyful atmosphere.

Ambassador of India, Mr. Suresh Reddy, and ambassadress Sneha Reddy.

Dozens of guests went to the celebration, among them, there were foreign ambassadors, Brazilian authorities, businessmen and personalities of Brasilia’s society. All were greeted by the ambassador of India, Mr. Suresh Reddy and his family.

Ambassador of India, Mr. Suresh Reddy, ambassadress Sneha Reddy and CEO of THE GUIDE Business Consultancy, Mr. Pedro Paulo Moreira.

Ambassador Suresh Reddy made a speech thanking the presence of the guests and highlighting the meaning of the Diwali Festival.

Diwali is a New Year celebration for Hindus, Jains, Sikhs, and some Muslims and Buddhists, it is celebrated on the first day of the Kartika lunar month, which occurs in October or November, being a time of great religiosity, vows of sacrifice and introspection. Marked by oil lamps called diyas, to honor the goddess of wealth and prosperity Lakshmi and to symbolize the triumph of light over darkness. It’s a joyous time, and while it has some religious roots, it’s become a secular holiday in many areas of the world and across several cultures. Diwali, the national festival in India, regardless of Faith, celebrates its aesthetic and cultural aspect, covered in colors and lights.

After the speech, ambassador Suresh Reddy invited guests to light the lamps (diyas), among the guests, there were Brazilian politicians and diplomats.

After the ceremony, everyone was invited to the residence’s lawn, where they watched a beautiful fireworks display.

Deputy Chief of Mission, Mr. B.C. Pradhan and CEO of THE GUIDE Business Consultancy, Mr. Pedro Paulo Moreira.


Ambassador Reddy then invited everyone to enjoy a dinner with Brazilian and Indian food. Everyone had dinner and socialized, fulfilling the purpose of the party as a night of joy and celebration of Diwali.

THE GUIDE congratulates the Embassy of India on the beautiful celebration of the Diwali Festival!