The Brazilian comedy “FériasTrocadas” is in Brazilian cinemas showing the confusion of two people with the same name who arrive on the same flight to a tourist destination in Colombia. They change hotels by mistake and funny situations happen.

The two men named José Eduardo Santos arrive in Cartagena with their families, who have very different styles and social classes.

Zé owns a small football school and hits the jackpot: he wins a ticket and accommodation in a raffle to travel with his wife Suellen (Aline Campos) and his blogger daughter Rô (Klara Castanho). The idea is to celebrate Suellen’s birthday outside Brazil, on the family’s first international trip. Edu, on the other hand, is a successful, starchy and prejudiced businessman who is going on vacation to a five-star resort with his wife Renata (Carol Castro) and tiktoker son João (Matheus Costa). The confusion begins when the two, by mistake, change accommodation. Zé arrives with his family at arrivals, finds Edu’s driver with a sign in his name and ends up at the luxury hotel. Edu ends up at Zé’s simple and super alternative inn. What becomes a big dream for one person becomes a complete nightmare for another. The two families experience completely unusual experiences in a succession of confusion and tense and hilarious situations.

The film is shown in Portuguese without subtitles.