The exhibition “Por sobre o tempo/cristal corpo/flutua” is on display at Museu Nacional da República (Museum) and receives visits until February 3rd.

The exhibition displays works by the artists Rita de Almeida Castro, Carlos Praude and Yukie Hori. It is an immersive, interactive and technological show. It integrates five works in video, a work of computational art and a multimedia installation that unites the crystal and the action of the observer that, when moving around the stone, triggers an experience of light and color triggered by the identification of the sound frequencies present in the exhibition environment.

As an introduction to this space that proposes immersion and an escape to the rhythm of everyday life, the silence of the corridor arrives populated by the words of Matsuo Bashô, Manoel de Barros and João Guimarães Rosa, at the same time minimal and dense, announcing in first hand , the imaginary route in the cartography proposed by the artists.

There will be also a debate to reflect on the exhibition with the artists Carlos Praude and Rita de Almeida Castro and the supervisory teachers Christine Greiner and Suzete Venturelli, on February 2nd, at 3pm in the auditorium 2 in the Museu Nacional.


Venue: Museu Nacional da República
 Setor Cultural Sul, Lote 02, Esplanada dos Ministérios (in front of the Biblioteca Nacional (National Library)).
When:  Until February 3rd, Tuesdays to Sundays, from 9am to 6:30pm.
Price: Free admission
Rating: free