Ambassador of Kuwait, Mr. Nasser Riden Almotairi  –  NATIONAL DAY OF KUWAIT

The embassy of Kuwait in Brazil organized on the night of February 21 a great event for the celebration of the national day of its country. Hundreds of people attended the Dunia City Hall to greet Ambassador Nasser Riden Almotairi and other Kuwaiti diplomats and attachés for the important date.

Ambassador of Kuwait, Mr. Nasser Riden Almotairi (left) and diplomats of the embassy of Kuwait

Among the guests there were officials of the Brazilian government, ambassadors, diplomats, military, businessmen and personalities of the Brazilian society.

Hundreds of guests were at the event

Foreign ambassadors and authorities of the Brazilian government were at the event

The anthems of Brazil and Kuwait were played by the Band of the Military Police of the Federal District. Ambassador Almotairi delivered a speech highlighting the friendship between the two countries and Kuwait’s goal to increase trade relations with Brazil. His speech was greatly applauded by all. Then, a celebration cake was presented to the guests.

After the speech, the guests went to the beautifully decorated dining halls, where they could taste typical dishes and desserts of Kuwait. A band was playing typical music of Kuwait and a screen was showing images of that beautiful country.

The important celebration was marked by joy and fellowship among all, and the ambassador of Kuwait, Mr. Nasser Riden Almotairi, was greeted by everyone for the success of the beautiful event.

A band played typical music of Kuwait. The event was marked by joy and fraternity.

THE GUIDE congratulates the Embassy of Kuwait for its National Day!

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