Gender and identity issues, fragments of everyday life, fantastic narratives and a reflection on one’s own existence are all part of the work of the five artists who create the exhibition “… suspensões…” (… suspensions …), which can be visited at the Elefante Centro Cultural (Elephant Cultural Center).

The curator Carlos Ferreira presents a show that brings together works born from the experience and observation of artists to contemporary situations that move society.

The feminine is treated in Cássia Olivier’s photos and the indigenous issue, with the effects and consequences of genocide, appears in the paintings, prints and drawings of Dani Morosini. Lino Valente shows videos with images that run into the fantastic, and Saulo Scheffer fragments the Brazilian everyday in a series of photographs.

Venue: Elefante Centro Cultural
Quadra 706, Bloco C, Casa 45, Asa Norte
Visitations until June 16. Scheduled visits: 34513146