Conjunto Nacional, one of the most traditional shopping malls in Brasilia, presents the project “Seu Dia Começa Bem Aqui” (Your day starts well here), with free classes of different modalities.

The project runs until April 30 and is part of the city’s birthday celebrations and includes yoga, stretching, dancing and walking. The one-hour-classes take place in “Praça Lúcio Costa”, which was recently revitalized. Registrations must be made on the day of the activities, at the information desk.

The objective of the event is to promote the quality of life and contribute to the improvement in health and well-being.


Check the daily schedule of activities:


Monday: yoga / relaxation

Tuesday: stretching

Wednesday: work out

Thursday: monitored walk

Friday: dance / rhythm


Venue: Conjunto Nacional
Setor de Diversões Norte, Conjunto A – Asa Norte
The project runs until April 30, Monday to Friday, at 8 am
Free Admission
(61) 2106-9700