The eyes of the world are on Brasília until Sunday, March 23. The capital of Brazil hosts, for the first time, the Fórum Mundial da Água (World Water Forum).


The 8th Fórum Mundial da Água (World Water Forum ) – probably the largest international event planned to take place in Brazil in 2018 – represents a unique opportunity for Brasília. Such an event impacts many social and economic sectors.


This will be the first time that a country in the Southern Hemisphere will host the meeting’s edition. Brazil as a whole will be under the spotlight of the international press, not just its capital.


This year’s meeting brings the theme “Sharing Water”. The goal, according to the organizers, is to establish political commitments and encourage the rational use, conservation, protection, planning and management of water in all sectors of society.


In Brasília, the forum brings together representatives of more than 170 countries, including scientists, government officials, parliamentarians, judges, researchers and other citizens.