The contemporary paintings by Fábio Magalhães present in this exhibition are part of his most significant artistic production and he proposes a look beyond what one sees.

The work of the artist from Bahia showcases visual metaphors that discuss the condition of the human being, the self and the other. Starting from personal experiences and memories, the production of the artist materializes in works in oil on canvas and goes beyond the own photographic act.

Fábio Magalhães works with self-referential painting. By metaphorically associating images of one’s own body, feelings and commonplace situations, it seeks to highlight inconceivable conditions of being portrayed only through artifice and distortions of reality.

Venue: Caixa Cultural
Where: Setor Bancário Sul – SBS, quadra 4, lote ¾, Asa Sul (next to Banco Central Building)
When:  March 13 to May 27. Tuesday to Sunday, from 9 am to 9 pm
Price: Free Admission
Rating: Free