The Embassy of Morocco celebrated the national day of its country on July 30, when the ambassador of Morocco, Mr. Larbi Moukhariq, and ambassadress Mina El Idrissi received hundreds of guests for a festive dinner.

The celebration took place in the Clube da Aeronautica, in the Setor de Clubes Norte (North Clubs Sector), and among the guests there were Brazilian government officials, diplomats, businessmen and members of the Brasilia society.

Everyone headed for the main social club hall, where they fraternized celebrating that important date. Murals with beautiful pictures of Morocco presented the tourist and cultural attractions of the country. A screen also showed images of the beauties that make Morocco one of the most attractive tourist destinations.

After the arrival of guests, the anthems of Brazil and Morocco were played. Then the ambassador of Morocco, Mr. Larbi Moukhariq, gave a speech in which he emphasized the growth of relations between his country and Brazil. He was much applauded. The ambassador was honored with a beautiful plaque given by the Federation of Muslim Associations of Brazil.

After the speech, all were invited to taste the delicious typical Moroccan food, including the famous couscous. Tasty traditional sweets from that exotic country was another major gastronomic attraction, much appreciated by the guests.

THE GUIDE congratulates the Ambassador of Morocco Mr. Larbi Moukhariq, his wife and the Embassy of Morocco for its National Day!