Ambassador of Bangladesh, H.E. Mrs. Sadia Faizunnesa and her husband, Mr. Michael Winter.

The National Day of Bangladesh was celebrated on April 29, 2024, when the ambassador of that country, H.E. Mrs. Sadia Faizunnesa, together with the Defense Attaché of Bangladesh, received dozens of guests at the Villa Rizza event space, located in the South Club Sector of Brasília.

The place was beautifully decorated and two large screens showed videos about Bangladesh. Tables for guests occupied the two social halls and the balconies of the place and the guests gathered together in an atmosphere of joy.

Ambassador of Bangladesh, H.E. Mrs. Sadia Faizunnesa, her husband, Mr. Michael Winter and President of THE GUIDE Business Consultancy, Mr. Pedro Paulo Moreira (left).

Brazilian government authorities, foreign ambassadors, Military Attachés, journalists and personalities from Brasília society attended the important event. President Luís Inácio Lula da Silva was traveling and for this reason he sent the Minister of Development and Social Assistance, Family and Fight Against Hunger, Mr. Wellington Dias to represent him.

Ambassadors and Defense Attachés from many countries were at the event.

Ambassadress of Cameroun, Mrs. Laura Mbeng and Plastic Surgeon Dr. Wanessa Sigiane (click here to know Mrs. Sigiane’s services).

Audi Diplomatic Sales Manager, Mr. Gisbert Verse and his wife. (Click here to know Audi Diplomatic Sales)

The anthems of Brazil and Bangladesh were played and then ambassador Sadia Faizunnesa gave a speech thanking everyone for their presence and highlighting her country’s growing relations with Brazil. Videos of the Brazilian Minister of Foreign Affairs’ and his delegation in a recent visit to Bangladesh and also about the economic and social growth of that beautiful country were shown to the guests, who applauded greatly.


The Minister of Development and Social Assistance, Family and Fight Against Hunger, Mr. Wellington Dias and also the Secretary of Asia and the Pacific at the Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Eduardo Paes Saboia, also spoke and praised the excellent work of the ambassador Sadia Faizunnesa in promoting the growth of friendship and trade between Brazil and Bangladesh.

After the speeches, a dance performance was performed by a Brazilian group in partnership with a Bangladeshi dancer. The beautiful spectacle received warm applause from everyone.

A celebratory dinner was then served to guests in the venue’s two social halls. Everyone had dinner and socialized and congratulated Ambassador Sadia Faizunnesa and other members of the Embassy of Bangladesh on the beautiful and remarkable celebration!



congratulates the Embassy of Bangladesh on its National Day!

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