The Azerbaijan National Day was celebrated on Wednesday, May 24. Ambassador Elkhan Polukhov, his wife Vusala Polukhova and diplomats from Azerbaijan welcomed dozens of guests for a dinner party at the embassy,​​ in the neighborhood of Lago Sul, in Brasilia.

Among the guests were Brazilian government officials, foreign ambassadors, diplomats, businessmen and members of the Brasilia society. The guests socialized in the social hall and out in the open air areas of the embassy.

A beautiful exhibition with photos of the rich culture of Azerbaijan was set up in the social hall and the beautiful images were much appreciated by all.

After the arrival of the guests, the national anthems of Brazil and Azerbaijan were played. Ambassador Elkhan Polukhov then gave a speech in which he recalled the main historical moments of his country and the fact that Azerbaijan’s economy is stable and growing. He also emphasized his country’s passion for sport and how Azerbaijan stands for peaceful solutions to current challenges, implementing an independent, balanced and multidimensional foreign policy. Finally, he remembered that bilateral diplomatic relations with Brazil are 24 years old now and that during this period there has been a positive momentum in political dialogue, in the growth of trade, official and interparliamentary visits and rich exchanges in the areas of culture, education and sports.

The Ambassador’s speech was praised by the audience. A member of the Chamber of Deputies of Brazil also delivered a speech recognizing the importance of the friendship between Brazil and Azerbaijan.

The success of the event could be seen in the joy of the guests, who fraternized until the last hours of the festive date. Ambassador Elkhan Polukhov and other members of the embassy were greeted by the guests for the lively celebration. In the end, the guests received informative material about that beautiful country.

THE GUIDE congratulates the Azerbaijani Embassy for its National Day!