The Embassy of Uruguay promoted on October 20 an event of presentation of tourism attractions in its beautiful country. The event took place at the Complexo Cultural Brasil 21, in the Hotel South Sector of Brasilia, and was attended by Vice Minister of Tourism in Uruguay, Mr. Benjamin Liberoff.

Among the guests there were Ambassadors, Brazilian government officials, businessmen and members of the Brasilia society.

The event was titled “Um Passeio pelos Sentidos” (A Tour through the Senses) and was opened with speeches of the Vice Minister of Tourism of Uruguay, Mr. Liberoff and the Ambassador of Uruguay in Brazil, Mr. Carlos Amorin, who highlighted the great potential of Tourism in Uruguay.

After the speeches, guests were able to watch a movie highlighting the beauties and attractions of that beautiful country. Then the artists Gabriela Doti and Hugo Carrera had beautiful Uruguayan music to the public, with a standing ovation.

After the presentation, all guests were invited to a tasting flavors of the products of Uruguay as cheeses, meats and wines. The guests socialized with diplomats and Uruguayan government officials and congratulated them for the beautiful event.

THE GUIDE congratulates the Uruguayan Embassy for the success of the event “Um passeio pelos Sentidos”!