The Ambassador of Belgium, Mr. Jozef Smets, received guests at his residence on April 4 for a promotional event of the potato industry in Belgium. Belgium is the largest exporter of french fries in the world. Recently, Brazil initiated an anti-dumping process on Belgian fries.

The event had the presence of the Secretary of State for Foreign Trade of Belgium, Minister Pieter De Crem. Belgian and Brazilian representatives of the potato sector were also in the event, which was attended by dozens of guests, including diplomats, businessmen and members of the press.

Ambassador Jozef Smets and Minister Pieter De Crem uttered words of gratitude for the presence of all. Then a lecture on the evolution of the potato market in Europe and South America was presented to the guests.

The event ended with a tasting of the famous Belgian french fries, at which the guests were able to confirm the success of such famous potatoes. The tasting was attended by James Bint, famous popularizer agent of Belgian potatoes in the world.

THE GUIDE congratulates the Ambassador of Belgium, Mr. Jozef Smets, and the Embassy of Belgium for the success of the promotional event of the Belgian potato industry.