Brasília is known for being a planned city. It received the title of World Heritage Site, for being the living example of design and urban planning. Lucio Costa provided the urbanization whilst the landscape design was the responsibility of Burle Marx. The city also hosts the largest collection of works by celebrated architect Oscar Niemeyer, as well as works by other icons of modern architecture and renowned artists, which makes the Capital an open-air museum.

THE GUIDE lists below some of the most renowned tours of the city:

Architectural Tour

The Architectural Tour is designed for tourists interested in learning the modern techiniques of urban design, architecture and landscape design of the Capital and its visual arts that frame the buildings and monuments.

Main Attractions: Nossa Senhora Aparecida Metropolitan Cathedral; Ulysses Guimarães Convention Center; the National Congress; Cultural Complex of the Republic; Ministries Esplanade; Lucio Costa Space; JK Memorial; Buriti Palace; Itamaraty Palace; Planalto Palace; Cruzeiro Square; Three Powers Square; Supreme Federal Court; Cláudio Santoro National Theater; and Television Tower.

World Heritage Site Tour

Brasília also represents the cultural diversity of the Brazilian population, being home to a variety of accents, traditions, festivals, arts and cuisine. Diversity is the identity of Brasília, that coupled with the urban, architectural, and landscaping set (with its unique cultural and artistic values) gave the city the international title of the American Capital of Culture 2008.

Main Attractions: TV Tower; Light Fountain; Cultural Complex of the Republic; Nossa Senhora Aparecida Metropolitan Cathedral; Ministries Esplanade; Three Powers Square; and JK Bridge.

Tour Brasília in Athos

Athos Bulcão was one of the most renowned Brazilian artists. He was born in Rio de Janeiro and moved to Brasília in 1958 invited by Oscar Niemeyer. His mission was to create art pieces to delight the people arriving in the new Capital. He integrated arts with architecture, thus making the contemplation of Brasília more beautiful. The tour has as its primary audience the cultural tourist, motivated by interest in arts, culture, heritage and scenic beauties.

Main Attractions: Nossa Senhora de Fátima Church; Mrs. Sarah Kubitschek City Park; Claudio Santoro National Theater; Cultural Complex of the Republic; Itamaraty Palace; JK Memorial; Cruzeiro Square; TV Tower (mezzanine) tower Craft Fair; National Congress; Alvorada Palace; and Brasília Palace Hotel.

Civic Tour

The Civic Tour gives tourists the opportunity to visit the Federal Capital, creating a feeling of belonging and rescuing civic and patriotic values.

Main Attractions: The National Congress; Cutlural complex of The Republic; Ministries Esplanade; Lucio Costa Space; JK Memorial; Itamaraty Palace; Planalto Palace; Three Powers Square; Supreme Federal Court; Nossa Senhora Aparecida Metropolitan Cathedral; Claudio Santoro National Theater; Ulysses Guimarães Convention Center; TV Tower; Palace of Buriti and Banco do Brasil Cultural Center.

Legal Tour

Brasília is considered a unique city in the context of Legal Tourism. In addition to the Administrative Center, the Capital concentrates the Three Powers of the nation – Legislative, Executive and Judiciary, independent, harmonic and essential in the building of a free, fair and united society. The tour is intended for tourists interested in the Legal area, providing a direct contact with organs and institutions where the major decisions that affect the life of every Brazilian citizen are taken.

Main Attractions: National Congress; Planalto Palace and Supreme Federal Court; Federal Council and Union Court of Audit; Union’s Attorney General’s Office; Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Itamaraty Palace); Superior Court; Superior Military Court; Supreme Electoral Court; and Federal Regional Court.