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Exhibition Dali - A Divina Comédia (Dalí - The Divine Comedy)

The great master of surrealism is the protagonist of a new exhibition at Caixa Cultural Brasília. The exhibition "Dali - A Divina Comédia"
(Dalí - The Divine Comedy) brings together a collection of woodcuts that illustrates one of the most important literary works of the Renaissance poet, Dante Alighieri.

The exhibition is divided into series that depict Dante's literary journey through hell, purgatory and paradise. In the engravings, Salvador Dalí shows his vision of the "Divine Comedy" in images of great emotional power and delicate mysticism.

Venue:Caixa Cultural
Where: Setor Bancário Sul, Quadra 4, Lotes 3/4 - Asa Sul
When:November 15 to March 4. Tuesday to Sunday, from 9 am to 9 pm
Price: Free Admission

Exhibition Dragão Floresta Abundante

With the exhibition Dragão Floresta Abundante the artist Christus Nóbrega brings very particular impressions of China and proposes work with special participation of the public. The show was produced during the period when the artist participated in an arts residency program of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in partnership with the Central Academy of Fine Arts - CAFA in Beijing between October and December 2015. This is the first experience of the genre performed with the participation of a Brazilian artist in China.

Curated by the art historian Renata Azambuja – with working experience in artistic residences -, Dragão Floresta Abundante (Abundant Forest Dragon) proposes a network of reflections on different technologies, from the most archaic - such as the map and the kite - to the most modern ones such as cellular GPS.

The works of the show comprise eight series that travel between the languages ​​of photography, performance records and drawings made with GPS, laser cut, algorithms. The idea is that the public can approach the experience of the artist and the still unknown Chinese ancient culture by various means in which tradition and contemporaneity are combined with the use of technology.


In January, the exhibition will promote complementary activities on weekends. Four workshops will be developed during every Saturday of the month: Workshop of Calligraphy, Folding and Drawing with GPS, all free of charge. Entries will be made by email dragaoflorestaabundante@gmail.com.  

Kite Factory

The participation of the public in the work Passeio Controlado (Controlled Walk) will work with the presence of monitors on the days of the exhibition, always from 9am to 7pm. The public participates in order of arrival. To do this the public  must sign the "work contract" and register his digital on the time clock. Every 11 manufactured kites, the visitor can carry a kite for himself  with the factory and artist stamp.

Venue: Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil – CCBB
Setor de Clubes Sul – SCES, Trecho 2, lote 22, Asa Sul (in front of Clube de Golfe).
When:  Until January 14 2018, Tuesdays to Sundays, from 9am to 9pm.
Price: free
Rating: free
Information: 3108-7600

Mostra Bienal CAIXA de Novos Artistas (Bienal Show CAIXA of New Artists)


The Mostra Bienal CAIXA de Novos Artistas  (Bienal Show CAIXA of New Artists) is a show of CAIXA initiative and brings together works of new talents of the visual arts from all over Brazil in different supports and techniques: drawings, sculptures, photographs, engravings, installations, interventions, paintings and video.

CAIXA is the way Brazilians refer to Caixa Econômica Federal bank, a government bank responsible for many social and cultural projects in Brazil.

The curatorial concept of this edition brings as a theme the configurations of urban relations in the present time and presents works resulting from visual and poetic experimentation. The curatorship is by Liliana Magalhães.


Venue: Caixa Cultural

Where: Setor Bancário Sul - SBS, quadra 4, lote ¾, Asa Sul (next to Banco Central Building)

When:  Until December 22, Tuesdays to Sundays, from 9am to 9pm.

Price: Free admission    

Information: 3206-9448




Roger Ballen Photography Exhibition - Transfigurações

With curatorship of Daniella Géo, Brasilia receives the enlarged version of the first individual exhibition of the acclaimed North American photographer Roger Ballen in Latin America, after exhibitions in Rio de Janeiro, Curitiba and São Paulo. 

Revised and enlarged, the exhibition features a selection of 113 photographs divided into nine series; showing the artistic trajectory of almost 50 years of the artist and transporting the visitor in a journey of real and symbolic transfigurations.


Venue: Caixa Cultural

Where: Setor Bancário Sul - SBS, quadra 4, lote ¾, Asa Sul (next to Banco Central Building)

When:  Until December 17, Tuesdays to Sundays, from 9am to 9pm.

Price: Free admission    

Information: 3206-9448


Exhibition Tempo Paisagem

The exhibition Tempo Paisagem (Time Landscape) compiles the career of 20 years of photographer Karina Dias and brings the relationship between time and nature. The exhibition can be visited at Caixa Cultural until December 17, from Tuesday to Sunday, from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm.

The idea of the exhibition arose in a conversation between Karina Dias and the curator Cristiana Tejo, when Karina won the first place in the contemporary art award Transborda 2015. The exhibition also brings video installations and projections.

The goal of the exhibition according to the artist is to show the relationship between landscape, time and travel. Mrs. Dias likes to immerse herself in the places where she visits and awaits the perfect moment to photograph. In her works the landscape is the main one, which reveals the experiences that the artist already had.

Venue: Caixa Cultural
Setor Bancário Sul – SBS, Quadra 4, Lotes ¾, Asa Sul (next to Banco Central building).
When: Until December 17, from Tuesday to Sunday, from 9 a.m to 9 p.m
Price: free admission

Rating: Free for all audiences

The exhibit "A Herança e a Indagação dos Enigmas"


Come and enjoy the exhibit A Herança e a Indagação dos Enigmas (Inheritance and Inquiry of Enigmas) at CCBB. The exhibit of the Peruvian artist Pedro Caballero is rich in symbols, mysteries and traditions.

The exhibit features works that transcend abstraction and realism, with strong references to pre-Inca cultures that will most certainly arouse the interest of the citizens of Brasília and the international community residing in the city.

Pedro Caballero is a Peruvian artist who studied and graduated in the School of Art of Lima and went to Europe to study in museums and galleries in Paris and Madrid.

The exhibition has 39 works in oil painting, with a retrospective of works from 1994 to 2016.

The art of Caballero takes us from the past to the present and shows us a future that we have to build, with harmony, aesthetics and innovation. The message is clear and relevant to our society.


Venue: CCBB
Setor de Clubes Esportivos Sul, Trecho 2, Lote 22 – Asa Sul
September 12 to October 15, from 9 am to 9 pm
Free Admission
(61) 3108-7600



Refurbished and reopened three months ago, the permanent exhibition “Casulo”, with pieces of Darlan Rosa, is available at the outer space of CCBB.

Success among children and adults, the works now have recycled wooden decks and the floor was made with tires for greater security for all.

 Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil
Where: SCEC, Trecho 02, lote 22, Setor de Clubes Sul, facing the Golf Club, near Academia de Tênis
Price: Free Admission