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THE GUIDE is inaugurating a social club for social, tourism and sporting events, as well as providing administrative advisory services. We will assist members of the embassy community and international organizations in hiring and clarifying about various services.

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Legal Advice

Along with associate lawyers, we are offering legal consultancy services to embassies and members of the foreign community. Doubts about labor law, civil law, real estate contracts, establishment of various contracts, among others, may be provided in English in our office.

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Real Estate

I am authorized by the Regional Council of Realtors – CRECI to offer selected properties to the embassy and international organizations community. I would like to inform you that I already have a great 3 bedroom apartment at the address SQS 106. The property has high quality furniture and cabinets in the kitchen and bedrooms, as well as being on the 6th floor with an open view and close to the Cine Brasília, to local commerce and with proximity to the Eixão do Lazer.

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Branding and Social Media Developed

We have recently formed a business partnership with the Mekka Labs digital media agency and are able to develop projects for the wide dissemination of companies or countries through digital media such as Facebook and Instagram.

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Events and Other Services

THE GUIDE is also developing partnerships in the production and export of minerals and soon we will offer other services of interest to the member countries of the international community.

We thank the embassy community and international organizations for their friendship and partnership through all these years.

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