Eu Chef – Alta Gastrô is a new space in Brasilia for everyone who loves to cook and is looking for seasonings and certain condiments to make a delicious recipe. Eu Chef is the new partner of THE GUIDE, and we have great plans for the future, including gatherings and cooking classes as part of the activities of our THE GUIDE Social Club.

The gastronomic space is filled with shelves, in which the customer finds several types of olive oils (which you can buy in bulk, taken directly from the barrel), balsam, special chefs sauces and fresh pasta. There is also the first Vom Fass, the famous German brand of quality products, store in the Brazil’s Midwest.

The gourmet emporium Eu Chef also offers dining service. The proposal is to serve dishes in the executive menu style. The place was remodeled and has an external patio with tables and, in the internal space, a coffee counter.

Following the project’s proposal – to integrate the public with the finalization of elaborated foods -, all the dishes of the menu are also available in vacuum and cooled, to be consumed at home. There is even the option to pick up specific items from the dish, such as protein alone.