Celebrating his 10 year career, Diogo Nogueira is on the road playing songs from his new album, “Munduê”, his first entirely authorial project that brings sound that privileges batucada and samba de raiz.

In the repertoire, the sambist brings a show with a lot of batuque, focus on ancestry, through unpublished songs of his own and also compositions that have made success and marked his career. Honoring the DNA inherited from one of the most beloved and emblematic figures of samba, the father João Nogueira, the artist has taken the stick of the genre always seeking to integrate with the new, without abandoning the old guard or giving in to purely commercial fashions.

After catching the attention of Chico Buarque, who gave him an unreleased song (“Sou eu”), he recorded a DVD of samba classics on a trip to Cuba, promoted generations’ meetings on his TV Brasil program (“Samba na Gamboa”) , won two Grammys, filmed four sambas-enredo in Portela, always consecrated with ten notes of the jurors, now reaches the end of his first decade of career with the album “Munduê”.

Venue: Convention Center Ulysses Guimarães
Where: Eixo Monumental
When: July 21, 09:00 pm.
Price: From $ 70 to $ 230 (BRL)