The famous brazilian musical group 14 Bis is starting a new tour in Brazil and abroad. The band is launching a new project: the DVD 14 BIS Acústico II AO VIVO (14 Bis Acoustic Live), bringing the back the whole crew: the singer, songwriter and frontman, Flávio Venturini; the friend, singer and composer, César de Mercês; and the drummer, Celso Nascimento.

Venue: Teatro Pedro Calmon
When: Saturday, July 14, at 09:00 pm.
Where: Setor Militar Urbano (SMU) Av. Duque de Caxias – Quartel-General do Exército, Brasília-DF
Price: $ 300 (BRL) for sector 1 (A,B,C,D,E or F); $ 240 (BRL) for sector 2 (G, H, I, J, K or L); $ 200 (BRL) for sector 3 (M, N, O, P, Q or R) or $ 160 for sector 4 (S, T, U or V)
Note: half price for students and senior citizens.