The attentive and transformative work of designer Eliane Mansani gives movement, harmony and the nature forms to her jewels. Mrs. Mansani handmade pieces are sophisticated, contemporary, comfortable, unique and exclusive.

Eliane Mansani is a restless woman who in 1990 changed the city of Curitiba, in the state of Paraná, by Cristalina, in Goiás, and quickly fell in love with the beautiful genuinely Brazilian natural stones, extracted from the rocks. The search for movement and transformation led Eliane to materialize her dream of creating jewelry by investing in courses in designer and goldsmithing. She moved to Brasília in 2009 and soon set up her studio in her home to serve his clients with all the attention, comfort, exclusiveness and pampering.


Soon Eliane Mansani’s rings began to emerge in fashion editorials and in the hands of the beautiful Brasília women breaking the barriers for the new without forgetting its roots.

Life for designer Eliane Mansani is like the Brazilian stones: a totally colorful luxury with lots of possibilities!