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Address: Quadra SCLS 412, bloco D, Loja 09, Asa Sul, Brasília  DF
E-mail: contato@livingway.com.br


Custom mande for you

Living has a personalized customer service that understands all your needs, creating exclusive, functional and unique projects like you.

We make furniture designed for the most diverse environments, such as apartments, houses, offices and even an entire embassy, ​​if necessary.

Our planned furniture is created based on your ideas, needs and lifestyle. We help you find solutions to fulfill your dreams in the form of planned furniture.

We are pride of the quality and the finishing of our planned furniture. Our services include checking the satisfaction of our customers’ after the delivery. We guarantee the deadline for delivery of the furniture and your satisfaction.

Visit our store near Setor de Embaixadas Sul (Quadra SCLS 412) and get to know some of our furniture and projects. You will be very impressed with our high level technical service to propose solutions in planned furniture that best suit your needs and lifestyle.