(61) 3222-2676 (Asa Norte)
(61) 3273-8911 (Asa Sul)
(61) 3021-9221 (Taguatinga)

ESTILO MAIOR store is a reference in Brasília in plus size fashion, innovating in raw materials, models and suppliers that understand the style of size 46 and up.

With shops in Asa Sul, Asa Norte e Taguatinga, we focus on understanding the needs of our customers, searching, in fashion trends, alternatives to plus size public.

With almost 15 years in the fashion market, ESTILO MAIOR is proud to offer clothes that combine beauty and comfort. We are dedicated to sell self-esteem, wishing that, purchasing here, each of our customers will have a sense of lightness, elegance and beauty, regardless of their shape, bringing great satisfaction to the buying experience.