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Address: Setor de Habitações Coletivas Norte Entre Quadras 116/316, Bloco C, Brasília/ DF
Email: golfdourado@brturbo.com.br

Escola Golfinho Dourado was founded on August 13, 1973. Its initial objective was to attend to the children of the employees of the Ministry of Labor, and the age group served from 0 to 5 years of age.

Escola Golfinho Dourado’s mission is to offer education inspired by the principles of freedom and the ideals of human solidarity, aiming at the full development of the children and their preparation for the exercise of citizenship.

The school’s main goal is to provide conditions for the child to develop a positive self-image, acting in an increasingly independent way, relying on their abilities and perceiving their limits.

The activities and content worked with the students provide adequate conditions for an ever greater expansion of social relations, in which children learn to articulate their interests and points of view with their ideals, respecting diversity and developing attitudes of collaboration and help.

Escola Golfinho Dourado has the space and the right professionals to make your child feel comfortable and able to grow learning with quality education.


Escola Golfinho Dourado’s nursery is designed to cater to babies with all comfort, in a warm and safe environment.

Child education

Child Education aims at the integral development of the child in its physical, psychological, ethical, cultural, socio-historical, cognitive, perceptive-motor, affective and social aspects, among others, complementing the part of the family and the community.

Other activities offered by the school

Homework follow-up