BRASAS is one of the most renowned English courses in Brazil and is present in several states. In Brasília, BRASAS also teaches Portuguese for foreigners, giving classes at the residence or workplace of foreigners, such as multinational companies and embassies.

Brasas was founded in 1966 by a son of Russians, born and raised in China, who came to Brazil looking for safety during the communist revolution. Early on, in the 1960s, Brasas was attended only by small groups of professionals who needed to learn and master the English quickly.

Today, Brasas offers numerous course options to satisfy different demands: it is possible to finish the course in 18 months, with five classes per week, or in three and a half years, with two classes per week.

The teaching method of Brasas is unique, developed from the personal experiences of George Peter Zinovetz, founder of the course, who throughout his life has learned 5 different languages ​​to adapt himself to everyday situations. With so much experience in learning, he came up with the ideal method to teach.

The Brasas method is not a magic formula, but a well-directed effort aimed at the combined use of the same faculties employed by an individual when learning his own language. By teaching a foreign language, we accelerate the learning process by eliminating, as far as possible, the natural processes of trial and error, giving the student the opportunity to speak right from the start.

In our Portuguese for foreigners course, you learn to think and speak in Portuguese with our original method.

We also introduce cultural topics and take the students on field trips to make the language natural and relevant.

Following a natural trend of a course with a long tradition of innovation, BRASAS now applies the most important international certification tests: TOEIC®, TOEFL® ITP and TOEFL® Junior.

To learn Portuguese, call (61) 9 8192-9757 and speak with Regional Director Ayala Camarano Martins.

Come visit us and get to know the immersion environment we provide to our students. You will be amazed at the results.