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Endereço: SQS 211, Bloco A, Loja 607 – Asa Sul
E-mail: contato@simplesmenteorganizar.com.br

Once considered luxury, the Personal Organizer is now seen as a necessity. Using and teaching simple techniques, the Personal Organizer helps customers establish a pleasant yet practical environment to maintain the organization on a day to day basis.

Since 2009, Simplesmente Organizar is a business dedicated to putting the home, work and life of the client in order. The company’s staff consists of three personal organizers, including the owner of the company Cristiane Joffily Ribeiro, four assistants and three interns.

Cristiane and her team have a very accurate planning technique. Her humility is a striking feature, and the habits of the clients are always highly respected.

Simplesmente Organizar also offers a complete service of Preparation and Organization to help you when you are moving to another house. The company takes care of all the details alongside a reputed moving company. The service consists of organizing what will be taken so that nothing is lost.

Simplesmente Organizar has in the curriculum the organization of dozens of companies. In addition to the business world, the personal organizers led by Cristiane Joffily Ribeiro fulfill demands for the organization of houses and condominiums (kitchen, closets, garages and pantries, offices, bathrooms, archives and appointments).

Simplesmente Organizar also provides training for housekeepers and maids so they can understand and use the organization techniques used by the professionals.

In addition to the organizations, the team also provides courses and workshops that can be taken to the embassies. The service includes an English translator if required.

Simplesmente Organizar will help you to transform your life!