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We are a clinic specialized in hair treatment. We are NOT a Beauty Salon, we do not do any kind of procedure that is done in the salons. What we do is hair treatment. We take care of pathologies such as hair loss caused by an alopecia / baldness or not, both male and female -, scalp cleaning and excess oiliness. We stimulate the growth, strengthening of hair threads and the increase of the capillary density.

We have treatments for damaged and dried hair, pre and post dye / chemical treatments; we have two therapeutic haircuts: “Bordado” and “Velaterapia”. They remove the split ends and the frizz, since the conventional cut can not remove it.

Our concept involves treating the hair as we learned with our grandparents, with resources found in nature, such as avocado, honey, goat’s milk, banana and oats, for example, associating it with the newest technology and cosmetics with high protein concentration and adequate PH

Our team is composed of Capillary Therapists and Cosmetologists, specialized to ensure a safe and effective treatment.

Some of our electrotherapies:

-Auto frequência: Fungicide, bactericide and cauterizing agent
-Vácuoterapia: Stimulating treatment that unclogs the follicle
-Laser: Biostimulant, healing and anesthetic
-Led: Increases penetration of assets; the light is soothing and moisturizing
-Dermografo: Microagglutting to stimulate the bloodstream
-Desincruste: Galvanic device, cleans the scalp deeply through the saponification process
-Alopécia – Hair loss treatment


Our services also include:

-Cosmetic impregnation
-Oily leather
-Damaged hair
-Blondes Program
-Hair Loss
-Extreme tenderness

In all procedures are included facial massage and essential oils and petals scalping feet.