Roberto Carlos brings the Brasilia tour that includes the classics ‘Detalhes’, ‘Emoções’ and ‘Outra Vez’

Away from the stages of the city three years ago, Roberto Carlos Braga, also known as King of Latin Music or simply The King, is back! The King ends the long wait of the fans, when performing in the amphitheater installed in the Mané Garrincha National Stadium. The show, part of the new tour started in São Paulo last summer, brings in the repertoire romantic songs, chosen among the singer’s 100 best-known songs.

Most of his songs are written in partnership with his friend, singer and songwriter Erasmo Carlos. Roberto Carlos has sold over 70 million albums around the world. He is considered one of the most influential artists in Brazil during the 1960s.

Accompanied by an orchestra formed by 14 instrumentalists under the baton of conductor Eduardo Lages, Roberto revisits classics.
Since the time of the Jovem Guarda (Young Guard), the artist born in Cachoeiro de Itapemirim comes to Brasilia. His first performance here was at the Teatro Nacional (National Theater), which was still under construction. In 1980, he gathered 200,000 people at Esplnada dos Ministérios, at the show he celebrated 40 years ago. The place where he most sang was the Nilson Nelson Gymnasium, where he climbed the stage, finally, in 2015.

Venue: Estádio Nacional de Brasília Mané Garrincha
Where: SRPN – Setor de Residências e Parques Norte, Asa Norte
When: Saturday, August 11, at 09:00 pm.
Price: From $ 40 (BRL) up to  $ 7.500 (BRL)
Rating: Not suitable for audience younger than 18 years old.