The singer Cris Costa will perform on Tuesday, May 14 at 9:00 pm, at Clube do Choro, in Eixo Monumental (avenue).

The singer-songwriter from Brasília, Cris Costa, presents to the public the songs from her first album “A Roda Gira”.

The show brings songs from her most recent work that sensibly portray various subjects of life, love stories, beginnings, overcoming and everyday things, always with the interpretation and traits of the artist’s personality.

The presentation includes 12 songs and readings of great names of MPB (Brazilian Popular Music).

Venue: Clube do Choro
Where: Setor de Divulgação Cultural, Bloco G, Eixo Monumental (avenue), next to Centro de Conveções (Convention Center) Ulysses Guimarães, in front of the Football Stadium
When: Tuesday, May 14 at 9:00 pm
Prices: BRL 40.00 + 6.00 (convenience fee for online purchase)
BRL 20.00 (half price for students and senior citizens) + 3.00 (convenience fee for online purchase)
Where to buy: Clube do Choro Box Office
Online purchase at
Rating: 14
Information: (61) 3224-0599