At least 35 cover bands from Distrito Federal  will participate in Carnarock 2019, festival that occupies the Pois É Snooker Bar (Quadra CLN 305, asa Norte) during the period of the Brazilian carnival.

Among the highlights of the festival are the bands: Ridway (Rolling Stones), Black Sunday (Black Sabbat), Friday March 1st; Piece of Maiden (Iron Maiden) and Metal Monster (Judas Priest), and Saturday March 2nd; DirtyTalk (Def Leppard), Sunday March 3rd; Transtorno Nuclear and Seconds of Noise, Monday March 4th; Baleias não são peixes (Nirvana), Nasty (Paramore), Tuesday March 5th. The performances will start every day at 5pm.


Venue: Pois é (Snooker bar)
Where: Quadra CLN 305, Asa Norte
When: From March 1 to 5,starting at 5pm
Rating: 18
Information: (61) 3036 6863