The play “O Prestidigitador – Uma comédia sobrenatural” (The Conjurer – A Supernatural Comedy) will be on presentation on Wednesdays, May 15, 22 and 27, Always at 8:00 pm, at Teatro Goldoni, in Asa Sul.

The story begins by telling the journey of two friends who travel to consult a great magician and learn to become invisible while training their ability to raise the dead. A miraculous story, full of journeys, magic, cures, kung fu, resuscitations of corpses and demons.

Awarded as the comedy of the year in London, the Prestidigitador, has a story that captivates the public and now comes to Brasilia, after going through more than 20 countries.

Venue: Teatro Goldoni
Where: Entrequadra Sul – EQS 208/209, Lote “A”, Edifício Casa d’ Italia, Setor de Habitações Coletivas Sul – SHCS, Asa Sul
When: Wednesdays, May 15, 22 and 27, at 8:00 pm
Prices: BRL 40.00 + 4.00 (convenience fee for online purchase)
BRL 20.00 (half price for students, senior citizens and donors of 1kg of non-perishable food) + 2.50 (convenience fee for online purchase)
Where to buy: Teatro Goldoni Box Office
Online purchase at—-uma-comedia-sobrenatural__510193
Rating: 12