After performing in more than thirty cities around the country and winning several awards, the musical “Mamonas” portrays in fun way the story of the “Mamonas Assassinas” in a free presentation, open air at the CCBB.

The structure of the event is being thought of as a great open air theater, in addition to the presentation there will be space for food trucks, “Espaço BB Seguros” with DJ of Brazilian music and two thousand seats in an audience format.

“It’s a somewhat unprecedented format for the show, we had an excellent result in Salvador and we intend to reproduce the same success in Brasilia, an event with attractions for the whole family. It certainly will be an incredible event!”, comments the producer Túlio Rivadavia from Minitatura9 Produções, company that idealized the show and director of the event.

Mamonas Assassinas was a satirical Brazilian rock band. Their lyrics, music and live performances were as famous as their tragic end: on March 2, 1996, the plane in which they were flying crashed into the Cantareira mountain range, near São Paulo, causing the death of all the band members.

About the show:

“The dramaturgy is not linear but rather irreverent, like the theatrical profile of Mamonas Assassinas. The look of the five boys from Guarulhos is portrayed in the text. It’s as if Dinho, Bento, Samuel, Julio and Sergio told the story of the group from the time they were unknown, when they animated parties of condos, to national recognition, “details author Walter Daguerre. “The Mamonas are direct heirs of Oscarito and Great Othelo. From Dercy Gonçalves. Do Velho Guerreiro and the Trapalhões “adds director José Possi Neto.

In the 2018 season, actors Rafael Aragão, Jessé Scarpelini, Pedro Reis, Arthur Ienzura and Reginaldo Sama (winner of the Dance of the Famous 2017) form the quintet that had an apotheosis career in the 90s and that, in a terrible aerial accident, 20 years ago , left the Brazilian pop scene. “I would never dare to stage this adventure if I did not find real talent to incarnate them,” reveals director José Possi Neto.

Venue: CCBB Brasília
Where: SCES, Trecho 02, lote 22
When: August 11, at 05:00 pm (DJ) and musical at 07:00 pm.
Price: Free.