Arnaldo Freitas is a songwriter/instrumentalist specialized in viola caipira. With his accurate technique and exciting interpretation, he is considered one of the main viola players of the new generation of Brazilian instrumental music.

Arnaldo Freitas is highly influenced by Tião Carreiro, Bambico and Renato Andrade and by the different universes of the chords of Paco de Lucia, Andrés Segovia, Raphael Rabelo, Dilermando Reis, Juanjo Dominguez and Yamandu Costa.

Versatility and bold arrangements are trademarks of Mr. Freitas. In 2017, Arnaldo Freitas released his second album, “Os Olhos de Maria”.


Venue: Clube do Choro
SDC, Bloco G, Eixo Monumental Avenue (next to TV Tower)
Wednesday, March 28, at 9 pm
R$ 30,00 and R$ 15,00 (half-price for students and senior citizens)