The exhibition “Capitais do Brasil” (Capitals of Brazil) is on display at the Museu Nacional da Republica (National Museum) until January 6th.

The exhibition goes through three stages of Brazilian history, the Colony, the Empire and the Republic in portraying the three cities that have already housed the headquarters of Brazil’s powers: Salvador, Rio de Janeiro and Brasilia. The exhibition promotes sensorial and interactive experiences to the public by showing different ways of seeing the country and interpreting it.

The exhibition brings together photos by Bento Viana and Åke Borglund and also presents poems and screenings. The exhibition promotes the history of Brazil portraying the country’s trajectory from its beginning to the formation of the State that is known today. According to the curatorship, the exhibition is based on three elements that are related to the cities they represent: water (Salvador), ar (Rio de Janeiro) and Terra (Brasilia).


Where: Museu Nacional da República, Setor Cultural Sul, Lote 02, Esplanada dos Ministérios (in front of the Biblioteca Nacional (National Library)).
When:  until January 6th, Tuesday to Sunday, from 9am to 6:30pm.
Price: Free admission
Rating: free