The Museu Nacional da República (Republic National Museum) hosts the exhibition “Caio Fernando de Abreu- Doces Memórias” (Caio Fernando de Abreu -Sweet Memories), from September 13th to October 27th.

The public will be able to dive into the poetic universe of the Brazilian writer from sensory experiences and his historic cuts. Letters, manuscripts and his personal and professional documents were borrowed by his family to bring the public closer to the writer.

 Caio Fernando de Abreu was a Brazilian journalist and writer, he was born in 1948 and pass away in 1996. Presenting a dramatic vision about the modern world, his work was written in an economic and personal style, talking about sex, fear, death, and mainly loneliness.


Venue: Galeria Acervo
Where: Museu Nacional da República, Setor Cultural Sul, Lote 02, Esplanada dos Ministério (in front of the Biblioteca Nacional (National Library)).
When:  September 13th to October 27th, Tuesdays to Sundays, from 9am to 6:30pm.
Price: Free admission
Rating: Free
Information in Portuguese: (61) 3325-5220 e (61)3325-6410