The event Na Praia receives this Sunday, July 15, the sertanejo musician Felipe Araújo and the singer Tomate for a day of brazilian country and axé music.

Tomate will play some of his hit songs like ‘Te Espero no Farol’, ‘Parará’ and ‘A gente se vê depois da chuva’.

On the other hand, Felipe Araújo is bringing romantic songs such as ‘Amor da sua cama’ and ‘Ainda sou tão seu’, both from his new record, Esquenta do Felipe Araújo.

Venue: Na Praia
Where: Setor de Hotéis de Turismo, Trecho 1.
When: Sunday, July 15. Starting at 12:00 pm.
Price: $ 242 (BRL)
Rating: Not suitable for audience younger than 18 years old.