Thinking of the Star Wars movie saga:
Sao Paulo is ‘Coruscant made brick’…

Like the fictitious planet entirely covered by a metropolis, from anywhere in central Sao Paulo you will see an urban panorama of tower blocks. In every direction until the horizon.

With 11.9 million Paulistanos (Sao Paulo city dwellers), Sao Paulo is the largest city in the largest metropolitan area of the southern hemisphere (20 million).

Sao Paulo is the economic powerhouse of Brazil and even South America. Many banks, financial organizations and multinational corporations have their South American headquarters based in Sao Paulo.

Furthermore, it accommodates the largest stock exchange in Latin America and Sao Paulo is responsible for 40% of Brazil’s industrial output. To give an idea about the size of Sao Paulo’s economy: it is larger than the entire one of Argentina (by GDP)…

But wait, Sao Paulo is so much more than just economy and business. At first glance, Sao Paulo might appear as an overwhelming and intimidating concrete jungle. However, in contrary to, for instance, Rio de Janeiro, the city’s appeal should not be found at the outside but rather very much indoors.

Sao Paulo has a leading cultural role in and outside Brazil and is one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the world. The latter benefits greatly to the gastronomic variety and quality, Sao Paulo is food lovers’ heaven! Furthermore, Sao Paulo has the best nightlife in Brazil and an immense number of galleries, theatres, cultural centres and museums.

You can also shop till you drop in classy boutiques and ultramodern shopping malls. Add high profile events like the Sao Paulo Art Biennial, the Brazil Grand Prix Formula 1, the ATP Brasil Open, the Sao Paulo Gay Pride and the Sao Paulo Fashion Week and in the end you wish you had more time to spend in thrilling Sampa!