Recife, the ‘Venice of Brazil’ is probably the most complete destination of all the large cities in Brazil.

The city of Recife has an interesting history, which can be marvelled at the Old Town and of course in neighboring World Heritage Area tagged Olinda.

Recife has the lively, happy atmosphere which you expect when thinking about Brazil, culminating during the spectacular Carnival and the city has arguably the nicest climate in the country.

The tourist infrastructure is relatively well developed and reasonably priced but has tourism to conquer Recife. Last but not least, all these features of Recife are framed by some of the nicest beaches in Brazil.

Recife (‘Reef’ in Portuguese, named after the reef in front of the coast) was also one of the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil host cities. If you like your cities bustling, unorganized, cosmopolitan and brimming with life: Recife is your pick.