There are few other cities more captivating the minds of adventure travellers than Manaus, ‘Paris of the Jungle’.

This legendary city, right in the very heart of the Amazon, became rich in a few decades during the rubber boom, at the turn of the 19th/ 20th century.

The smart European houses at the Manaus harbour and the stunning opera house are the only remains of yesteryear.

Today Manaus is a hot, bustling metropolis.

Manaus has the pace of a busy port and the vibe of a chill out jungle city at the same time.

Half of the population of the huge state Amazonas, as big as Quebec (Canada), live in Manaus. Many tourists do not come for the city of Manaus itself, but use its modern, convenient facilities as springboard to the rainforest.

Nevertheless, there are still some hidden gems in Manaus which are interesting to the visitor. And the number is even rising, thanks to p