Usually overlooked by tourists, Curitiba is a well designed city, originally build in the cattle and coffee heyday.

Today Curitiba, the capital of Parana state, has less pollution and never-ending traffic jams than other Brazilian cities.

Furthermore, with a lot of parks, some hidden historical buildings and a great music scene the city of Curitiba is a dynamic place to spend some time.

Curitiba’s nickname is Cidade Modelo (‘Model City’).

With nearly 2 million inhabitants Curitiba is the largest city in southern Brasil and the city is an important cultural and economic centre. Moreover, Curitiba is arguably the most ‘European’ and best organized of all big Brazilian metropolitan areas.

Due to quality of life and good public services, more and more foreign investors are considering Curitiba as a serious alternative to Sao Paulo to expand their operations in Brazil and South America from here.