Pigeons on 117 Sul

Beatles at the Crosswalk

Artist Leonardo Branco

Artist Leonardo Branco is on display at THE GUIDE’s office. The paintings can be viewed decorating the walls and are available for purchase. The artist describes below the creative process behind two of his works currently on display at THE GUIDE.

Pombos na 117 Sul (Pigeons on 117 Sul)

I try to sketch the elements that characterize Brasilia, especially Plano Piloto. Draft after draft, I realized that I could deform them, with strong strokes, breaking that orthogonality that weakens the drawings. If we bend their lines at the exact points we can convey an expression to these forms, as if we were humanizing them. They would be strutting to better serve the birds that want to land on them.

Pigeons, too, are elements that characterize our city. They are not exclusive to Brasilia, but they are close to our urban setting. That is why I have chosen them to form, with the plates, art.

The plates with these numbers are positioned at the end of each 100 block of commercial streets. As we approach W1, we find these indications to decide if we turn right, or if we round the roundabout to turn left. I was inspired by CLS 107/108 and the plate that points to 107 and 307 on the right, or 108 and 308 on the left. The problem is that I did not want to specify the location but rather convey the familiarity of this category of plates. The way out was to “extend” Asa Sul and create the nonexistent neighbourhoods (117/118) that represented the idea!

Pigeons at 117 Sul
Pencil drawing digitally colored

Beatles na Calçada (Beatles at the Crosswalk)

The pedestrian lanes, located on the W1 road connecting neighbourhoods 100’s to 300’s, are an important reference for anyone walking, driving, or pedaling in Plano Piloto. They served as inspiration in my drawing for the set of standardized elements that compose them: the luminaires, the half wires, the sidewalks, the horizontal signage on the track, the band itself. All this is repeated regularly on the track creating a visual pattern of design typical of Brasilia!

I chose the track that connects 107 and 307 South, because it is one of the favorite regions of the inhabitants of this city, and I began the numerous sketches.

Each pedestrian lane carries with it a strong suggestion of the famous Beatles photo crossing Abbey Road. It was inevitable to associate the street of the Abbey to our street of the Igrejinha Nossa Senhora de Fatima. The Abbeys are secular, as is London, but, respecting due proportions, Igrejinha is also very old if we take into account Brasilia’s age.

Beatles at the Crosswalk
Rua da Igrejinha, Abbey Road Candanga
Pencil drawing digitally colored

Visit the exhibit at THE GUIDE QI 9, Lago Sul, and acquire your painting!