Barbearia Dom Cabral (DON CABRAL Barber Shop) is one of the most traditional barber shops in Brasilia and offers a unique service, combining high quality services with a cozy and retro atmosphere.




Owner Caio Cabral is part of the fourth generation of a family specialized in the craft of barber and hair care services. His parents ran a children's beauty salon for 34 years and his grandfather was a barber from the age of 12 to the age of 87 (he is now 96 years old). Dom Cabral is now a six-store empire that grows more and more each year, serving more than 5000 customers.




Recently, Caio Cabral inaugurated in Lago Sul a new unit of the barber shop, which today has stores in several neighborhoods in Brasília. The barber shop is in QI 09/11, next to Casa Thomas Jefferson, and has a complete structure to perform a high quality service for the male audience.





The barber shop is decorated like the classic salons from the past and, unlike the other stores, the one in Lago Sul has a structure with external patio and tables, ideal for male and female costumers to have cold beers and enjoy a total relaxation spot. Caio Cabral warns that soon the barber shop will expand its services providing side orders to go along with the beers. Another advantage of the new store is the ample parking of the local commerce, in addition to the reserved and safe environment.






Come and visit the new Dom Cabral barber shop in Lago Sul and experience a service with the quality you deserve. The store opens from Monday to Saturday and accepts credit cards.


Lago Sul

(61) 3248-5362

Address: SHIS QI 09/11, Bloco A, Loja 05, Lago Sul