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Made in Japan Festival


Japanese cuisine is an international mania. Those who do not resist the Japanese food and culture will have the opportunity to delight themselves from September 29 to October 1 in the festival Made in Japan.

In addition to the gastronomy, the event aims to promote Japanese culture; social, cultural and economic exchange between Brazil and Japan.

During the three days, there will be many attractions for the public. The project brings together the best professionals, creating the atmosphere in a giant restaurant, with the excellence and rigor of the main chefs of the Japanese cuisine of Brasilia.

The event will be divided into spaces for restaurants, cafes, fashion exhibitors, beauty, decoration, accessories, handicrafts and various products. Also, toy library and stage for presentations dedicated to Japanese culture and Brazilian popular music.


Venue: Pavilhão do Parque da Cidade
Parque da Cidade (City Park)
September 29 to October 1, from Noon to Midnight
R$ 20,00 and R$ 10,00 (half-price for students and senior citizens)

BB Movie Festival at CCBB


CCBB presents the best of national film production in recent years at a major event. There will be 25 feature films, with outdoor projections and in the movie theater, activities for children and live shows with Luciana Mello, Léo Maia and 2 Reis.

In special sessions, on August 18, 19 and 20, CCBB's gardens will be the great cinema for the outdoor exhibition of films that bring the biography of MPB giants followed by concerts with artists who have in their DNAs the music and soul of these unforgettable names of national music.

The children will also have a special movie schedule in the movie theater, on the 26th and 27th, with sessions at 2h30 p.m and 4h30 p.m. Besides the films, kids will be able to enjoy the play activities in the toy library that will be set up at the CCBB.


See the full program HERE

SCES – Setor de Clubes Esportivos Sul Trecho 2, Lote 22 - Asa Sul
When: August 15 to August 27.
Free Admission
(61) 3108-7600

Brasília Ice Park


A new option to enjoy the cold winter days has just arrived in Brasília. Pontão do Lago Sul hosts the event Brasilia Ice Park with several activities for all audiences such as the open-air cinema.


Recent blockbusters like Mad Max (2015), Sherlock Holmes and Pixels, and classics such as Beetlejuice (1988) and Tarzan are in the program.


In addition to the open-air cinema, Brasilia Ice Park features a 55-day program that includes the first outdoor ice-skating rink in Latin America, stage for music concerts, children's theater, inflatable toys, electronic games and gastronomy arena.


Venue: Pontão do Lago Sul

Where: SHIS Quadra 10 Lote 1-30 - Lago Sul

When: June 24 to August 13, from 3 pm to 1 am

Price: Access to the park – Monday to Friday: R$ 5,00; Saturday and Sunday: R$ 10,00/ Ice-Skating Rink – Monday to Friday: R$ 30,00; Saturday and Sunday: R$ 50,00

Rating: Free

Conheça o Museu Nacional (Get to know the National Museum)


After 45 years, the original project of the architect Oscar Niemeyer to the Esplanada dos Ministérios (Esplanade of the Ministries) was finished with the opening of the Conjunto Cultural da República (Republic Cultural Group), formed by the Museu Nacional Honestino Guimarães (National Museum Honestino Guimarães) and by the Biblioteca Nacional Leonel de Moura Brizola (National Library Leonel de Moura Brizola).

The museum has an eye-catching architecture and shows many exhibitions of national and international arts. It has an outmost high-tech lightning that gives a genuine view of the arts exposed. The museum has two auditoriums.

Museu Nacional do Conjunto Cultural da República 
Where: Esplanada dos Ministérios
Open daily, from 9 a.m to 7 p.m