Bla’s – Brasília’s new Happy Hour!


Bla's restaurant is ready to become your next obsession when it comes to Happy Hour in Brasília. The restaurant known for its creative cuisine now opens for happy hour with a great menu. It is an excellent option for everyone who wants to enjoy the beginning of the night or the end of a busy day at work.




For wine lovers, the good news is that the restaurant will have double dose of the drink from 6pm to 9pm, Monday to Saturday. The double dose also extends to sparkling wines. In addition to the drinks, Bla’s now offers a new menu especially made for harmonization.




On Fridays, the restaurant will invite local brewers to park their beer bikes in the restaurant to offer the best handcrafted beers in the capital.


So, come meet your friends in this cozy place and make the most of your night.



In the central area of ​​Brasilia, you can find the place where the good Brazilian music is present every week. It's Clube do Choro, a venue that is already part of the musical history of Brasília.


With varied presentations throughout the year, Clube do Choro is the ideal place to enjoy quality music in a pleasant and cheerful space.


See more information about CLUBE DO CHORO in the club's page here on THE GUIDE:

Bars, Dancing Bars and Nightclubs


Armazém do Ferreira
Where: CLN Quadra 202, bloco A, Loja 1, Asa Norte
Phone: (61) 3327-0167

Balaio Café 
Where: CLN Quadra 201, bloco B, Loja 19/31, Asa Norte
Phone: (61) 3327-0732

CLS Quadra 201, Bloco C, Loja 33, Asa Sul
(61) 3324-9313

Bar do Ferreira

Where: Shopping Center Pier 21, SCES Trecho 2, Lote 32, Asa Sul
(61) 3322-1221

Bar do Mercado

Where: CRS Quadra 509, Bloco C, Loja 29, Asa Sul
(61) 3244-7999

Cervejaria Stadt Bier

Where: SIG Quadra 6, Lote 2190, Setor de Indústrias Gráficas, Asa Sul
(61) 3344-6777

Eighties Pub

Where: Avenida das Araucárias, nº 1325, Lojas 15/16, Águas Claras

Feitiço Mineiro

Where: CLN  Quadra 306, Bloco B, Loja 45, Asa Norte
(61) 3272-3032

Rio Bistrô e Lounge

Where: CLS Quadra 404, bloco A, Loja 27, Asa Sul

UK Music Hall

Where: CLS Quadra 411, Bloco B, Loja 28, Asa Sul

Vila Madá

Where: ShoppingDeck Norte, Praça da Alimentação, Loja 133, Lago Norte


Dancing Bars and Nightclubs

América Rock Club
Rock and alternative electronic music
Where: QS 3, Pistão Sul, Taguatinga
Phone: (61) 3352-0920

Arun Lounge
The house offers a variety of different parties.
Where: CLS Quadra 106, Bloco C, Loja 35, Asa Sul
Phone: (61) 3244-0221

Asiático Design & Café
Music goes from House to Brazilian country (sertanejo)
Where: SQN, Quadra 3, Bloco C, Asa Norte
Phone: (61) 3326-1840

Bolero Dancing Club
A variety of parties
Where: Quadra 609/610, Ed. Sindilegis, Asa Sul
Phone: (61)3301-3788

Capella Lounge Bar
Live music performance of Brazilian country music (sertanejo)
Where: QS 3, Lote 19, Taguatinga Sul
Phone: (61)3352-5282


Divina Living Bar 

House, Hip hop and Brazilian country music (sertanejo)
Where:  QS 3, Lote 11, Loja 12B e 12C
Phone: (61) 3027-2485

Forró Ispilicute 

Forró rhythms with live bands
Where: Cota Mil Iate Clube, Setor de Clube Sul – SCES, Trecho 2, Asa Sul
Phone: (61) 3322-4263

Gate’s Pub
A variety of rhythms
Where: CLS Quadra 403, Bloco C, Lojas 30 e 36, Asa Sul
Phone: (61) 3225-4576

La Ursa 

A variety of rhythms and parties
Where: SBN, Quadra 2, Bloco J, Lojas 5 a 8, Asa Norte
Phone: (61) 3327-2693

Mokai House music
Where: Shopping Pier 21, Lote 32, Loja P04, Setor de Clubes Sul, Asa Sul
Phone: (61)8570-5905

Outro Calaf 

Samba band performances
Where: Setor Bancário Sul -SBS, Quadra 2, Bloco Q, Lojas 5/6, Térreo do Ed. João Carlos Saad, Asa Sul
Phone: (61) 3322-9581

Road Beer 

Brazilian country music (sertanejo) and Axé music (a carnival rhythm from Bahia)
Where: EPTG, CH 54, Colônia Agrícola Vicente Pires
Phone: (61)3397-3551

Roda do Chopp
Brazilian country music (sertanejo)
Where: SIBS, Quadra 1 AE 4, Núcleo Bandeirante
Phone: (61) 3386-4461

Velvet Pub
A variety of rhythms and band performances
Where: CLN Quadra 102, Bloco B, Loja 28, Asa Norte
Phone: (61)3327-1950

Villa Mix 
Brazilian country music and a variety of shows
Where: SHTN, Trecho 2, Conjunto 5, Vila Planalto
Phone: (61)3326-9796

Victoria haus
GLS nightclub with House, pop and a variety of parties
Where: SAAN, Quadra 1, Lote 930 (near Carrefour Norte supermarket)
Phone: (61) 3340-3007